In collaboration with NXP, the third year students of Design Art Technology (DAT) researched and experimented within the field of radar technology. Chip manufacturer NXP has been one of the main developers of radar technology within the self-driving automotive industry. To explore ideas beyond utility, they invited third-year students of DAT to show this invisible communication system through a different lens. What could be the effects hearing speed, bouncing a signal or being interpreted by a car?
This exhibition is the newest iteration within the collaboration between NXP Semiconductors and the Design Art Technology (DAT) department at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem facilitated by the LINK Foundation. Here you can find a list of the work of students in previous years.

Ambachtsweg 2
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Isaac van de Aker
Niels Graber
Mare de Boer
Niels Pauls
Kaan Piskin
Robin Opheij
Tutor ArtEZ
Bram de Groot
Support NXP
Jan Paul Kimmel
Martijn van der Linden
NXP Semiconductors
Design Art Technology, ArtEZ

Credits: Rutger van Loo