NXP & ArtEZ Collaboration

Since 2019, NXP Semiconductors has commissioned students from the Design Art Technology department at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem to devolop and design projects about the current and historic relevance of the microship industry. Each year, multiple students create  artworks and/or design proposals within this framework. Ever since the start of our foundation, LINK is collecting and storing these works from students. Here you can find a list with the works that were selected throughout the years:
NXP Semiconductors
ArtEZ University of the Arts
Stichting LINK
Florian van Zandwijk
Vision Processor: EN471  This work asks whether a computer vision algorithm will ever be capable of distilling context out of data.
2019Bram de Groot
Monument for MemoryThis project is a monument to the lost craftsmanship of one of the first methods of computer memory manufacturing: ferrite core memory assembly. 
2019Eva van BoxtelManufacturing ChipsThe high speed production process of computer chip manufacturing, and the artisanal transformaties of sand in technological object is being presented via 3D animations within VR.https://evavanboxtel.nl/Manufacturing-Chips2019   Ibo Ibelingshttps://iboibelings.nl/2019   Quintie Bessels2020   Michelle FeeldersThrough the Microscope GlassThe film starts at the scale level of an PCB and scales up to a tiny dust particle, in this process of scaling up you wander through an unseen world that allows you to see electronics in a different light. https://michellefeelders.nl/2020 Berend te LindeCore ComputingI found chip design as a craft fascinating and that’s what I tried to do. and when you zoom in you realise that chips are nothing more but transistors but into the right configuration.https://xn--imq.net/core-computing/